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Phoenix Episode 3

Avi and Akira find new friends. Akira's power begin to do strange things. Could it be that he is not what he thinks he is?

Production team
Aneli DefanifProducer, project's creator

I really like the voice acting. According to the credits in the end all by you, pretty impressive!
Also, some sets looked quite interesting and were well captured with the camera angles. THe effects you used were quite funny at points, like the fire effect out of paper. I also noticed some cool smaller effects like the closed eyes.
What you might improve a bit is to make the animation more fluid. You could use a higher frame rate, maybe 12 or 15 frames per second. Also I noticed some focus issues, I know that that is a bit hard at the beginning, but maybe you might find a manual focus option on your camera or a stop motion program/app that does not change the focus.
All in all, still quite funny and enjoyable, mainly due to the amazing voice acting!

It's very good animation for me !!!

@MOI30540It's very good animation for me !!!

Thank you!! I am working on something exciting!


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