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The Undead Bricks Episode 2 - Leftover [LEGO]

Kenny has revealed to Travis that he owns an RV. Searching for it, they find themselves into trouble. Will they avoid it? Or will they deal with it?

Production team
Figures-In-MotionProducer, project's creator

You can see, that you picked up trees and bushes from the side, when you moved the background in the first scene.
I actually liked the shots, where you filmed by hand. They add a bit of athmosphere in it.
Also I liked the big stones you used as Rocks in the background.

Yeah I've noticed that too. It's not a big deal though since you have to concentrate story-wise. That's my point.
Thank you, I figured out that adding actual stones surrounding them by trees and bushes would make it look just as fine. Thanks for your feedback!


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