{LEGO FNaF Short} FNaF VR Song Parasite by DAGames. | Brick à Brack

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{LEGO FNaF Short} FNaF VR Song Parasite by DAGames.

Hey everyone! I got a larger upload for you all this time around, just over forty seconds. I will try to make a few more shorts such as this one while the full animations are being worked on. I did this in two days, (eight hours) and practiced animation, lighting, shot composition, everything! Including a new style of editing.

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Production team
Ryan RoyProducer, project's creator

Wow. Great work! A visceral 40 seconds for sure. The animation appeared to be some sort of cutout style that we rarely see. It was quick, smooth, fluid, and interesting to look at. Keep up the excellent work!


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