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LEGO Star Wars: The Ultimate Saga OFFICIAL

Hey everyone here is my new Lego film - LEGO Star Wars: The Ultimate Saga! I love the Star Wars films and so I made this brickfilm to pay tribute to the complete star wars saga! Make sure to subscribe for more awesome Lego films :)

Music performed by parademics (Star Wars Epic Orchestral Cover Part 2) here:

Thanks everyone for your support and may the force be with you! :)

Production team
masterbrixcoProducer, project's creator

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Nice sweet idea, some cool effects. I especially like the light and sound of the light sabers. Also, nice that you did mouth animations!
I would have found it a bit better with a little more movement, especially where you used the just images. I think that would let your nice effects be even better & stand out even more.

Thank you @Yetgo

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