The Bat-Man! Episode 1 - The Axeman's Jazz | Brick à Brack

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The Bat-Man! Episode 1 - The Axeman's Jazz

Bob Kane's original character from the 1930's returns!

Stay tuned for more thrilling adventures, right here...

Production team
Dylan JohnsonProducer, project's creator
The Login ProductionsDirector

Brick à Brack (1)Bricks In Motion (3)

That's a cool old-film-effect! Also, the soundtrack is amazing. The whole sound editing! Just the animation is a bit sticky at some points, at some dialog moments, barely noticable due to the effect. Also, there are some other scenes where it is quite good, like with the tears clay. In generell, when the characters just move without talking, the animation feels very natural.

I like the story, it leads very well through the investigation with always staying interesting!


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