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The Battle of Raxus Prime LEGO Star Wars Stop Motion Clip HD

May the Fourth be with you !

Here's a special video for this Star Wars day !
This video is a compilation of the action scenes on Raxus Prime from Star Wars the Clone War Story Chapter 5 & 6 but this time in High Definition so I hope you will enjoy it !

Watch Chapter 5 here :

Watch Chapter 6 here :

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Hey, that was really good! It was a fun story told without dialogue and personally, it felt very nostalgic. I think it was the accept ratio, but it kind of reminded me of 2011 when I started collecting LEGO for the first time. The light flicker was a little distracting at times, but overall it was really fun! The music was great, I loved the set design, and it, you know, was just fun. Keep up the good work!


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