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Lego Gym Fail

Lego Gym Fail!
just a funny stop motion about a lego dude trying to improve!
let me know what you think!🙂

Production team
Half BrickedProducer, project's creator

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Nice! I like the animation, especially how you focussed on details like him making his blanket right. The music was okay but not something I would use. Maybe you should have used a bit more sound effects, especially when he was hit. Still, the effect comes thruogh due to the good animation. I still found it a little strange that the moment was repeated, it felt a bit unnecersarry and tbh also a bit trashy.
You made a fun little story, and I really like the twist at the end. Unexpected and effecive

Bravo j'ai adoré ton reveil et comment tu as fait pour les vetements ?


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