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Easter Trippin' | Finish The Story

Easter is such a warm, joyous occasion. What better way to celebrate with another 'Finish the Story' film, animated by 6 wonderful brickfilmers? Now with a bigger twist than 'Us'!

This brickfilm contains explicit content, it's not adapted to a young audience.

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Production team
Brickfilm DayProducer, project's creator
Leviathan StudiosAnimator
SuitedNinjaNerd StudiosAnimator
Jared JohnsonAnimator
Brickfilm HQAnimator
Bricks & PiecesProducer
James CawoodEditor
SonjiraVoice actor (Gavin)

A very interesting idea, and you managed to hold a consistent high quality despite of a a lot of people working on it. At times a bit over the top with its drug and swear word use, but nothing really annoying. Good work!

I think this may indeed be my favorite "finish the story" brickfilm. The animation is awesome, and the story is actually...really consistent and even powerful. You managed to capture the heart of easter with the redemption of Kevin. I really enjoyed it.
One minor note, I would suggest turning on "this brickfilm contains explicit content" on the "Watch" page of editing, due to the number of words beginning with f and s, and the drug references. This wont hide the film is search at all, but it will give a warning so younger users can know what they're getting into. (I can imagine thirteen year old Hudson watching this and being a bit disturbed. )


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