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The Crackening (Easter 2019)

Hippity-hoppity get outta my town.

For his heroic deeds, our protagonist was given the position of Mayor.

Was gunna be an entry to BiM Easter contest but nah

Production team
BlandeerProducer, project's creator

What an egg-cellent brickfilm

This is amazing! I've never seen singing eggs... and then they even get criminal! Great idea, great singing, great design of the eggs. I like the style of the main character. Fits perfectly. And the Master Egguru couldn't be anything then great.

Sometimes, the animation was a bit sticky, maybe try a bit more frames per second. Also, the change of aspect ratio confused me a bit. Still, a great film and maybe my faourite easter film right now!

Very nice! The animation was pretty fluid and smooth and the comedy is top notch. The aspect ratio was a little bit strange at times, but for the most part, it was awesome.


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