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Return to the Surface (SHAC 2)

A group of researchers, scuba divers, and a government guy with an afro investigate sea weed. They are attacked and must return to the surface to escape the sea monster.

Production team
2x4 ProductionsProducer, project's creator

2x4 ProductionsThis post has been deleted by son auteur (Reason: None).

You have some pretty nice shots there! Every shot seems to have something new going on, my favourite being the very first one and the one where they"re swimming up to the surface. The story is also nice. One thing, maybe try using a higher frame rae like 12 or 15 frames per second to make it look a bit mor fluid.
All in all still well done, especially for the short amount of time with SHAC.
Good luck at the contest!

Thanks! We will try to increase the frame rate.

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