Metal Gear Thicc (A VocalFlix 2019 Entry) | Brick à Brack

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Metal Gear Thicc (A VocalFlix 2019 Entry)

solid snake is thicc, i made all of the sounds in this with my voice, and i'm gonna go hide in a box now, so bye...

This video was made in 2 days for the Brick A Brack VocalFlix 2019 Contest.

The My Unluckyish Life Playlist-

Hi, I'm SuitedNinjaNerd, and I make all kinds of LEGO stop-motion animations. Feel free to check out the other great videos I have to offer, and don't forget to like, share, subscribe and hit the little bell icon to always be updated on new uploads.

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SuitedNinjaNerd StudiosProducer, project's creator

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what even is reality anymore

Why are we still here just to suffer!

jk awesome vid

I can relate to this on a spiritual level.


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