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Rapping What I'm Doing ~ An Entry to the VocalFlix Competition

The title says it all - I'm rapping what I'm doing (was now because what I was doing was a couple of days ago). :P


GBP came to me
saying enter VocalFlix competition
it became a mission
'cause I has no inspiration - had no idea what to do
I had to think of something
to win this thing and become an ultimate sensation

So I got cracking thinking up crazy things
but they all were lacking one major thing
but I couldn't figure out what it was so never mind
then I came up with the best idea of all time

I'll rap what I'm doing yea this is dope
rapping on stage until I drop
I'm out of breath
out of time
no more words coming to me that rhyme MIC DROP

(Make sure to check that it's set to HD)

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LAF ProductionsProducer, project's creator

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I'm disapointed I wanted to do a rap song too
I really like the beat you did (also the lyrics) but your flow could be a little better with more variations and different voice intonations.

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Straight. Fire.

Perfect it 's very good


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