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Basically two minutes of me screaming "MARTHA" as six or seven different DC Comics characters. Don't get me wrong, I liked Batman v. Superman, but that one scene just makes me laugh every time I see it. I can't help myself.

Made for Brick à Brack's #VocalFlix2019 contest. Also my impersonation of this scene drives my friend crazy, so this one's for you, Chase.

Production team
chris_gbpProducer, project's creator

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mARTHA mARTHA mARTHAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!! Lol Chris why did you spend your precious time making this???? This is a little thing I like to call...

I really thing you have a good chance of winning Vocalflix 1st place, can't wait to see part 2!! I loved the credits where you were screaming shouting mARTHA, and the very end where you sang the Brick a Brack theme and then said to yourself "Shut up Chris nobody likes you" This was 2019's best comedy animation

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Well the song in the beginning is awesome, as so is the entire video!


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