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LEGO Doctor Who: Point of No Return

The Doctor faces his greatest challenge yet, as the Time Lords and the Daleks are on the brink of a Second Time War.

The Doctor and Seth Alexander - the2awesomeguys
The Master -
Rassilon -
Davros and The Daleks -
Straxus -
The President -
The 9th Doctor -
The War Master -
Control Staff 1 -
Control Staff 2 -
Control Staff 3 -
Butler -
Time Lord Soldier -
Deck Staff 1 -

Five and a half years in the making....Just glad I could make that November 2013 release date, would have been embarrassing to release a 50th anniversary special late, wouldn't it?

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Production team
Jacob CrowProducer, project's creator

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This is so cool that you actually completed a thirty minute brickfilm. The plot is creative, and the animation is pretty great. Great work!

Last edited by Yummy-Burrito-Studios (feb. 25, 2019 (07:15pm)).

Very good effects and animation! Also, you completed an animators dream, a 30 minute movie! Well done!


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