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Two kinds of people [ENG]

A saloon. A wanted man. A bounty hunter. Blood.

Production team
Gwen MoviesProducer, project's creator
Hudson LudyVoice actor (the wanted man)
chris_gbpVoice actor (the man with the mustache)
BlandeerVoice actor (the mysterious character)
Sylvain DevinVoice actor (the bounty hunter)

Overall, you did a pretty good job! Smooth animation, creative ideas, and the ending/outro was hilarious! One point of improvement would be your lighting - it could use a little more color in certain shots - but overall nice job!

Great job! Loved the ascetic and look of this film. Great work!

That was awesome dude! Nice work the blood scene was really good and overall it is one amazing film Keep up the good work

Thank you for all !

Congratulations on winning the Brickfilm of the Week! I love the tone and setting of this film, it's a great homage to the classic gunslinger western. Great work!

I love it! And lol the part with the horse was hilarious. Great work!

Two things I really enjoyed were the sfx and interior of the saloon (I really loved those tiny cards!).
Custome design was realistic, but that bartender with yellow face didn't stick to the atmosphere of the film and other characters.

The final dialogue was a surprise!


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