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Entry for VocalFlix Terrible singing! (Brick à Brack)

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(This is made specifically for Brick à Brack's Contest)

Today these four brick heads will be singing TERRIBLY at the park, but they try their best to sing in a good voice, it doesn't turn out good....

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Bricktown FilmsProducer, project's creator

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Pig takes the stage...

@Ozone Studios

Yes he does!


This is the mist beautiful thing ever.


Thank you! I’m glad you enjoyed it

Last edited by Bricktown Films (feb. 18, 2019 (04:50pm)).

Nice job overall! Your lighting looked good; I would suggest perhaps applying the ease-in, ease-out technique when animating the arms and hands of the figures - you can use a toothpick for greater ease of control - but good job on the animation!

@Ryan Roy

Thank you for the support! I’ll probably do that next time, I can’t do a remastered version of it though Next contest I’ll try!


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