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Shinji: Asian Gunslinger (Lego Western)

A man stumbles into trouble while on the hunt for his father's killer.

Production team
Jared JohnsonProducer, project's creator
starwarsstudio100Voice actor (Shinji)
Chris MajorVoice actor (Bar tender)
MindGameVoice actor (Boone)
SuitedNinjaNerd StudiosVoice actor (Whoa Man)
Locker_74_ProductionsVoice actor (Cal)

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So cool man! Animation and light is great! Sounds and musics are just superbs!!! Good job!

Ps : please excuse my english

I loved this. I’ve rewatched it many times. Very inspired to finish my own western after seeing this.

Wow! Amazing western man

Very nice! Lighting is great.


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