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Shinji: Asian Gunslinger (Lego Western)

A man stumbles into trouble while on the hunt for his father's killer.

Production team
Jared JohnsonProducer, project's creator
starwarsstudio100Voice actor (Shinji)
chris_gbpVoice actor (Bar tender)
MindGameVoice actor (Boone)
SuitedNinjaNerd StudiosVoice actor (Whoa Man)
Locker_74_ProductionsVoice actor (Cal)

So cool man! Animation and light is great! Sounds and musics are just superbs!!! Good job!

Ps : please excuse my english

I loved this. I’ve rewatched it many times. Very inspired to finish my own western after seeing this.

Wow! Amazing western man

Very nice! Lighting is great.


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