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Lego Celebration Concert (watch the minifigures dance)

I'm back! I did another concert video, and hope you enjoy. You will see the Guitarist play with the music and the Minifigures dancing with it, you'll also see the Guitarist Jump in mid air!


Begging: 0:00

The Band: 0:20


1= 0:36

2= 2:05

3= 2:59

4= 4:21

5= 5:27

6= 5:45

7= (6&7 are combined)

8= 6:16

9= 7:21

Outro= 7:58-8:19


Steve Guitarist

John Pianist

William the ll Drummer

Garage Band Music (made myself)

The Who Part of Baba O' Riley

Anonymous Lights

Crew Sound/Speakers

Crowd Cheering

Thank you for watching!

Production team
Bricktown FilmsProducer, project's creator

Hello! I hope you enjoy this Concert, let me know if you see areas were I could improve on. Thanks for taking a look!

Wow that was great! Loved it!


Thank you so much! So glad you enjoyed it

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