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Legacy [THAC XVI]

When the forces of evil are at his village's doorstep, Simon, a lowly farmhand, is told by his grandfather that he is an heir to the greatest knight ever to live, Bethador. Simon is tasked with finding his ancestor's tomb, reclaiming his sword and armor, and continuing his legacy by vanquishing the evil that threatens his village. However, time is the bane of memory, and everything may not be exactly what it seems.

Thanks again to Gold Brick Productions and Starwarsstudio100 for providing your voice talents, you both did a great job!

Production team
SunspaceProducer, project's creator
Chris MajorVoice actor (Simon)
starwarsstudio100Voice actor (Grandfather)

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A solid film all around! 'Twas an honor to voice in it!

(By the way, if you click the green Edit button on the film and then click the Team tab, you can add in credits for the people involved and it will link their BaB accounts!)
EDIT: Thanks for the credits!

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This was pretty well made, too bad you weren't able to finish it for THAC. I was really honored and glad to voice into this brickfilm. Nicely done!

I really enjoyed the brickfilm, especially with the script, and the editing.
Well done!

Good luck for the THAC!

Absolutely loved this man! Great animation and great lighting! Well done!

Well told .. and a killer ending

I loved how you did the egg and the fire in the beginning! Very well animated brickfilm with a compelling story!


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