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THACXVI-The Coolest Dude

Made in under 24 hours for #THACXVI. I am tired....

Starring OneDouglas!

SFX from

"Burnt Spirit"
"Bummin on Tremelo"
"March of the Spoons"
and "Doobly Do" (in order of appearance?)

(woah shocker...)

Production team
HoverfrogFilmsProducer, project's creator

Brick à Brack (6)Youtube (17)

This was one of my favorites from THAC. Really enjoyed it! Great job!

Fantastic work, my friend. Well done!

Wow ! Well found, that's really funny !
I love it, good job !

Those kinds of situations always happen to me!
Well done.

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So relatable... oof

Great vibe and animation as always..

Hehehe I loved it! This is me on most days...


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