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THAC XVI - Wasteland

Behind the Scenes Pictures:

This is an entry to the sixteenth Twenty-Four Hour Animation Contest held on Bricks in Motion:

Production team
twickabrickProducer, project's creator

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One of my absolute favorites from this year. Always a huge fan of yours Garry. Good luck in the contest!

This film nailed the apocalyptic setting, also that lamp was absolutely beautiful.
Great job!

Absolutely nailed the setting! Fantastic film. 10/10.


Love the cinematic look

The lighting, the sound, the set.. all capturing that wasteland vibe

And the shots are chosen so well... with the pacing it makes everything sink in well

Great, Just Great

Last edited by Brick Broadcasting (jan. 8, 2019 (10:31am)).

The animation is very clean, the frame are perfect... What else ? A wonderful entry. Good job.

Goodness gracious, that lighting! Certainly set a hopeless, desolate tone to the whole film. Well done!

I really like the editing of your brickfilm, especially at 0:37 where there is huge suspense because of the editing.
Have you done the editing on Premiere Pro?
Nice job.

Last edited by Let malo film (jan. 11, 2019 (03:30am)).

Thanks for the kind words everyone!

@Let malo film: Yes, I edited it in Premiere Pro. Glad you liked it!

Last edited by twickabrick (jan. 11, 2019 (09:10pm)).

The sets, the animation, the cinamatography, the mood... all mind-blowing. And despite its simplicity, a very powerful film. Well done!


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