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Mortality (THAC XVI)

Aaron's a very happy chappie, until he discovers he has a terminal illness, and only a matter of time left to live.

Production team
James CawoodProducer, project's creator

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You really outdid yourself

A heavy subject told in an appealing way ...

It actually moved me..

With an actual profound message

Well done James. One of the few brickfilms to actually make me tear up! Good luck in the contest!

An ingenious brickfilm that makes you think. Good work !
However, the frame at 1:48 is very strange, do not take the same axis to see it run the other way

Very well done indeed! A heavy subject and important message: they're very hard to tackle in a film made with LEGO, but you pulled it off perfectly.

That shot at 0:55 is amazing, I wonder how you did that?
Furthermore, the main idea is really good but due to the short amount of time to make your brickfilm (I guess) the end of your brickfilm was too me a bit too fast and weird.
But seriously that brickfilm is really good! Nice job.


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