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Tha Cliff (THAV XVI)

Made in 24 hours for THAC XVI. Heavily inspired by the 'Tha Cliff' flash animations from which it takes its name but with a bit of extra insanity to spice things up.

Writer/animator/editor/voice actor J
Hermit wizard Mr Spanglës
Schoolgirl Lucy

Music produced from Apple loops in Logic Pro

Production team
JO CoProducer, project's creator
Mr SpanglësVoice actor (Hermit wizard (The God of Tectonics))
LucyVoice actor (Josephine Skedazzle)

Brick à Brack (9)Youtube (16)

Hectic, fun and giving a perfect insight of what's happening in your brain 16 hrs into THAC

Really fun ! You used very ingenious house effects, well done !
To knock down the bricks you used masking or just stuck to the bottom?

Just good old bluetack and a (sometimes) well positioned stud stack connected to the backdrop. Glad I did as well seeing as I barely had enough time for the voices let alone any compositing.

Cool!!! I didn’t understand everything but it’s really well made ! Congratulations !

Understand? Neither do I! To be fair, I will try to iron out the delivery a bit on the director's cut to get the madness across more sanely.

Wow, what a lovely piece of animation! Very well done! I loved the style, the action, everything. I could've watched minifigures fight for the treasure and falling to their dooms for hours

Last edited by Arginnon (jan. 10, 2019 (11:18pm)).

Thanks, shame I only had 24 hours to do it in. There was a large pile of unused minifigures, each with slightly ridiculous weapons and equipment just waiting to be used... Well, that's THAC for you. Not sure I'd have made it otherwise.

This was really funny!
I loved the way you have made this shot for the fight (at 0:27) and the special effects. But I think that there is some stuff that you could work on for your next brickfilm such as the lights that is overexposed. Aside from that, this brickfilm was really good.

Good luck with the contest.

Let malo film, yeah the long shot definitely could have come out better visually. Exposure you reckon? I'm still quite new to this side of things, thought it was mostly focus.


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