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The Office Job (THAC XVI)

Made in under 24 hours for the 16th annual 'Twenty-Four Hour Animation Contest' over at Bricks in Motion, the theme this year being 'Discovery'.

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Production team
the2awesomeguysProducer, project's creator

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Very nice guys! Not a word of dialogue, but guided by excellent animation and cinematography. Great entry

Well that was just AWESOME

Great idea, fun, captivating, well told,.. superb animation... wowwwww..

One of my favorites from this year. Hope you do good! Good luck!

Wow! I simply adored this brickfilm. The animation, camera movements and sound design are on a professional level, but the best thing was the story. Not single line of dialogue, but your main character is lovable and relatble, the film is full of surprises and it's a nice allegory for dull office work. I also love that everyone has the regular smiling LEGO head. It's these details that make this short perfect. Well done! You are two AWESOME guys!

lol I liked this because I too am a coder.

I'm always impressed by the movies who can do the "show don't tell". I was really impressed by the level of technic and especially for a brickfilm made in less than 24hours.
Great Work!


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