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Made in 24 hours for THAC XVI.

A whole new world is inhabited by strange noises. Ready to be discovered. But what is so special about it? See it yourself. :)

All words, Music, and Sounds are designed by me, AoW-Gamer.

Production team
AoW-GamerProducer, project's creator

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@AoW-Gamer A film of simplicity, but that has no less to say as those with whole scripts full of dialogue.

This planet... is full of... life!
The score is fantastic!

Nicely done

A different take on the theme... with an impressive sound and music design

Thanks for your feedback.
Usually, I do a lot of dialogue in my brickfilms, so this was a bit challenging for me. I also improvised the whole soundtrack within the 24 hours and it was challenging too. Therefore I am glad, you liked it.

I loved the music and the sounds of the alien animals! And to hear that the soundtrack was improvised, it's an even greater feat. Great work, well done!

There is nothing to say except that the atmosphere of this movie makes the planet way more mysterious and impressive.
Nice job!

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