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Misunderstanding - THAC XVI Entry

Made in 24 hours, or close to
2nd Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCGxspeLYCgRM23zKgHIFHAA



Production team
Locker_74_ProductionsProducer, project's creator

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Ace Brickman is here !!!!! Ahhaaaaa xD

Great participation ! Good luck !

I really like your dialogue and love the greatest treasure thief character, really funny man xD (well created ! )

PS : At 1:05 the shovel and ...

"I think we're lost !"

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@Locker_74_Productions Haha! That was great. Excellent script and timing. Loved it!

Nice one! I like the little details like the soil being shovelled out and the bouncing chest. Funny, mine starts in a very similar way, I guess that what comes of the discovery theme. Can't help but love the voice, by the way.

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Hans and Gruber... a Die Hard fan??

Fun and smooth animation ....

Great choice of characters.. ... this just begs for more..

Very funny! I loved the abrupt ending Well animated and the voice actors were also great.

This was really funny especially with

and Is that ace brickman at 1:07? The animation is really good as always.
Nice job.

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