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Simple Life - The Rent

In this episode of Simple Life Bobby forgets to pay the rent to his landlord who is a gangster and because of that he and Dave hide in the bar, but unfortenately the gangster finds them. They find a slow car and use it to escape from Jeff the gangster. Dave stops the car and Jeff gets hit by the car. They put him in the rack of the car and then they lock him in their basement. He wakes up and has amnesia, Bobby lets Jeff to go and then Bobby and Dave go to watch a movie. Checkout the channels of Icicle_Film s and LEGO Boy Master who participated in the film as Dave and Jeff the gangster. Thank you for watching and see you next time!

Production team
Cloudy VSProducer, project's creator
Icicle_Film sVoice actor (Dave)
LEGO Boy MasterVoice actor (Jeff the gangster)

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Well that's a good example of a deux ex machina

But where does he know where to go??


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