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LEGO Be More Chill: Loser, Geek, Or Whatever

Jeremy Heere, a high schooler who has always been at the bottom of the social food chain, gets an offer to gain status and “be more chill” with the help of a supercomputer chip guiding his behavior in his brain. Jeremy must decide if he’s going to follow the path to popularity, and at what cost.

When LEGO Be More Chill was in production, the musical it's based on got an Off-Broadway revival. Among other changes, a new song was added. Loser, Geek Whatever shows Jeremy's inner monologue, fleshing out his motivations and adding more relatability to the story.

Production team
NoPatricioNoProducer, project's creator
Ghostlight RecordsMusic copyright owner

Oh nice... to see how that relates to the original

Hudson LudyThis post has been deleted by son auteur (Reason: None).

I really enjoyed the camera work in this project. Some rather ambitious movements that were executed really well.
The subject matter explored here is also rather uncommon among brickfilms which is another reason I like it, and not necessarily just the topic at hand of bullying and fitting-in, but music and musicals themselves. Overall I really enjoyed this.

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