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Run For Your Life (LEGO Brickfilm 2018)

Run For Your Life is a horror LEGO brickfilm, released in 2018.

A woman is chased by an unknown assailant through the back alleys of a major city. Why? not spoil the punch line...

I've been thinking about doing a horror/thriller brickfilm for a while now, just to see if I could pull it off. This little experiment proved quite fun to make, so I might do a longer one in the future.

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Production team
Atlas AnimationzProducer, project's creator

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GREAT!! Love it!

My kind of HORROR!!

Gonna be a contender for the amazing prices in the Silent Movie competition!!

Last edited by Brick Broadcasting (may 25, 2018 (11:06am)).

The animation is amazing ! (the end was funny).
Enven if the light is good you should work a little bit more on you exposion.
As for example at 0:16 where the hair are a little bit high light but I still loved this image at 0:12 with the shade of the antagoniste.

Last edited by Let malo film (jun. 10, 2018 (03:52am)).


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