My Unluckyish Life- Episode 4: The Boulder Blockade | Brick à Brack

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My Unluckyish Life- Episode 4: The Boulder Blockade

As he is out for a nice drive, Alex comes across a not-so-nice boulder, preventing him from advancing further. Hopefully something in the back trunk of his car can help him out from between a rock and a hard place!

Production team
Trevor StevensProducer, project's creator
MattVoice actor
Chris MajorVoice actor
Jared JohnsonVoice actor

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Good job ! I love your serie, it's simple but really funny
I can't wait to see the next episode

Your best yet! Since I'm still on a color and lighting kick, let's start there - very vibrant, engaging, and really sells the great outdoors scene! Your animation is fantastic - the car felt a little static while driving at the beginning but the minifigure motions were fantastic. The sound design was good, you had some great effects and made the music cut in and out with the humorous scenes well. Plus, it was hilarious. Great work!

I was waiting this one!
Your animation is really fun, it looks like a cartoon. (this poor spider at the first sequence made me laugh! )
I really like the concept of your series, it's funny and efficient.
Well done, I'm looking forward to watch the next episode.

I really liked this episode. The animation was probably the best I've seen from you so far. The lighting (as always) was fantastic.

Great work! Keep it up!

Great work! I loved the foot hitting the brake set up!


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