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A Brickfilm Christmas

What if you had to spend Christmas Eve with strangers? Some stranger than others.

A Christmas themed collaboration with scenes from over twenty brickfilmers and teams in Europe, UK, and US.

Production team
thistofProducer, project's creator

Brick à Brack (5)Youtube (35)

You've all done a wonderful job
It's one of the biggest and most memorable collaboration in the brickfilm world

I'm one of the Brick à Brack administrators, if you see a bug, send me a little PM, I will fix it

30min of Brickfilm! Awesome, I'll see that when I'll get more time for it.

So glad to have been a part of this! Well done, Thistof! I love the animation in the framing story, as well as the VHS segment. You did a wonderful job putting this together! And also everyone else did a fantastic job. I loved all little segments, but just to say a few highlights: I loved Penta's walk-o-matic commercial, it was very funny and inventive, the returning Brick Drink commercial (I might just use this product in future brickfilms) and from the stories I loved The Case of the Noseless Snowman, it had a lot of great ideas and the Christmas VHS, of course. All segments were simply great, I just enjoyed these the most. Congratulations to everyone involved!

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