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LEGO SPACE! A Stop Motion Movie | Chapter 3 Say No Evil

The finale is here! Benny and Lenny live with the consequences of their actions as Ryan comes up with a plan to get them off the planet. However, Danger is always afoot...

The final chapter has arrived! This was a killer, by far the most difficult stop motion I’ve done in all aspects. I really hope you like this one, I will be cutting all three parts into one whole movie which will come out sometime next year. Thanks so much for watching!

Thanks to KadiVA for the voice of Jenny and my brothers who helped with some of the other voice acting roles.


Edited on: Hitfilm
Music software: Garage band
Animation software: Dragon Frame
sound recording software: Audacity

Production team
ChickenStudiosProducer, project's creator

Not the ending i expected, but great animation! The blood looked really realistic and the broken helmets look amazing. Maybe explain the whole blacktron thing a bit better but apart from that i was dazzled!
What are those horrific creatures called?

Very impressive !


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