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bobbinhood in twistarmania (brickfilm day 2021)

Bobbinhood in twistar mania is a side adventure of our beloved twister loving forestman, made by toad and I.

Toad's channel:

Chaizin's channel (He did voices):

Made For Brickfilm day 2021.​


Production team
panoramiccProducer, project's creator

Some very nice shots and animation in a fun story! I love the montages with perfect song choices, also of course I wouldn't be me if I would not also love some of the more creative camerawork, from things like first person shots to the nicely weird cave scene. The sound mix for me personally was a little too loud at times, although fun for some surely. for me personally it is also a bit too random at times, although also quite fun a lot of times! The ending is perfect.

Ah yes, a well deserved brickfilm of the month. This video's got creativity and style.


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