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Classic Space Adventures Chapter 2

Trying to stop the Blacktrons from capturing the Futrons the white suited astronaut finds himself on a planet full of M-Tron.

Production team
2x4 ProductionsProducer, project's creator

Wow, amazing film. I really loved chapter 1 as well, so I was looking forward to this and it didn't disappoint. The way the film is put together, the way the story is communicated is very professional and well done. The music is great and the sets are astonishing: not just the size of them, but they also look awesome. The animation is superb: your attention to detail is unparalleled. I loved the funny moments in the film as well, for example when the M-Tron leader turns out to be a Blacktron. Very humorous moment and that uniform-change was well animated.

All in all fantastic job, can't wait to see chapter 3! Oh, and the effects were also very good. I especially loved that scene with the asteroid-field! How did you pull that off? Did you film everything against a blue/greenscreen and composited them in post? I'm just curious.

Such an amazing exciting story! I love it!

An amazing brickfilm ! Love it
The animation is fluid and a very good storie !
The Backgrounds ARE AMAZING
In general, a very good film !


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