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LEGO Knightsbridge Lane - A Short Film

A young man returns from a years-long journey a complete stranger in the town on Christmas eve. Finding that his parents have moved without communicating to him, he tries to find them. If he fails, it will be a lonely Christmas indeed for him.

The Sarabacha Brothers sincerely hope you enjoy viewing this LEGO stop-motion animated film. We are the driving minds behind this channel, and have tinkered for years in a dark room to hone this craft. Each of our films represent a portion of our life, existing as a summit of many months of precise effort and careful thought. We wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

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Production team
TheSarabachaBrothersProducer, project's creator

Some beautiful lighting and set design, as well as very smooth animation go with a sweet well crafted story, also a fully original one of admirable length. I'd admit, due to the nature of narration it takes a bit to settle into the story, although some moments then become quite wholesome because of it, in particular the part at the Hatter I loved.

I'm so glad this won best brickfilm of the month! Well done again guys!


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