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The Prisoner

This brickfilm was made for Brick-a-Brack's nineth edition of the 8x8x8 filming challenge. All of the audio in this video comes from or my own mouth (sorry sometimes the voices aren't very audible) Enjoy...

Production team
InfernicusPrimeProducer, project's creator

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Pretty good! The sound design is one of the strengths of this film. Also, the “night lighting“ starting at 1:01 is very well done. For some reason I also really like how the sweat drop at 1:26 turned out. The camera movement in the shot at 3:19 is also well executed. I also like the blurry-rainbow flare effect on the camera starting at 3:31. A problem with this film though, and relating to audio mixing, is that the music starting at 3:31 is a little too loud. Additionally, I would suggest working on better camera stabilization (there is a lot of unwanted camera shake—use some sort of tripod and firmly anchor your set) and the light flicker is also excessive. Amari Studios made a tutorial on this website about reducing light flicker (, and there are plenty others on YouTube. Other than that, I enjoyed it!

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This movie is so pretty . But there are lots of lights flickers and some of tremors about your camera ....But the story is very good !So good luck for this contest .


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