The Bandit Who Stole Christmas Brickfilm || Part One | Brick à Brack

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The Bandit Who Stole Christmas Brickfilm || Part One

This is an adaption of the original Grinch, in brickfilm and western format. Sadly I couldn't finish the full movie in time for brickstars2019 so I am just putting out part one.

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PlasticPointProductionsProducer, project's creator

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Edit: this is very, very well made! Great work!

Last edited by Awesomepants Films (jan. 1, 2020 (06:47am)).

Good to see you got some voice actors. Good to see you're making progress.

Dude this looks absolutely brilliant. Great work!

I loved voice acting for this! It's so much fun to see something you helped out with turn out so well.

This looks fantastic! I excited to see part two!

Looking good, man. Well done and keep up the good work!

Awesome! Clever and good timing.


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