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Bob And Randy - Christmas Clash (Episode 5)

Five years ago, Bob and Randy were the worst of enemies - but when Christmas break goes horribly wrong, the two are forced to team up and deliver a package across town.

This is my contribution to the Brickfilm Christmas Collaboration 2019; my prompt was "Santa wants a career change" by David Nielsen (DNAnimation).

Production team
Chris MajorProducer, project's creator
Jared JohnsonVoice actor (Willard)
Rebaka-ChanVoice actor (Lavender Doublecross)
Alex's CornerVoice actor (Rachel)
SuitedNinjaNerd StudiosVoice actor (Darrel)
Ur Friendly BombVoice actor (Gary)
Floating Banana ProductionsVoice actor (Kyle the Renegade)
jaydotjayVoice actor (Santa)

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I will watch dude. I am glad your little brother showed me your channel.

I love this video and the stopmotion

The animation is excellent as always and the writing has become even better. The film made me laugh quite a lot.

I can relate to the guy with the straight face. :I

Excellent work, Chris. I love the story, the message, and all the little jokes too.

Awesome!! 👍😍...Miss those times that being bored was a legitimate reason to do stuff...

lower level santa is my spirit animal.

Wow, Chris! This is good! Even the phone scam guy is in here!

Edit: this was hillarious, great work! Bob and Randy is always a treat.

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