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Welcome to Darkmoor

A woman seeking only a night's rest stops to visit a mysterious town hidden away in the English countryside, unaware of what horrors await within.

Production team
SquidProducer, project's creator

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I haven't watched it yet but I'm so excited I always love your animations!!!!

What did you use for the stary night backdrop?

Nice work! Creepy and atmospheric. Every shot is perfect -- your artistry (and your work) really shows.

An absolutely stunning work! Possibly even your Magnum Opus!
There's so many interesting techniques here, including the colour-tinted lighting you've described previously on social media and so many well-calculated camera movements. Your unique style of writing and absurd sense of humour are the strong suit in many of your films, and they lend themselves remarkably well to this concept. Not to mention the masterful cinematography, and top-notch voice acting that is (As one should expect from Sir Squid) far above the brickfilm standard.
I'd agree with many others that this is one of if not the best brickfilm of 2019. I can't wait to see what you have in store for us next!

On a related note, I have a few questions about the film's lighting: What was your setup like for the sequence at 5:00? Did you manually move the lamp, or was it on a rig or some kind? I have the same question about the shots starting at 6:35 and 6:39, though I imagine different techniques were used. Also, knowing your preferences for in-camera effects when possible, I'm assuming that 6:53 was done practically. What material were you using for the backdrop that's between the light and the minifigure?

Anyway, this is a fascinating film! Congratulations!

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This is absolutely phenomenal! One of my favorite brickfilms of all time

It's even better with headphones! This is a true piece of art and I look forward to seeing more! God bless!

This film was sooo Great!! I hope Red Order isn't going to take 10 yrs. lol. still worth the wait!


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