The Nightmare I Can't Escape (3D CGI Animation) | Brick à Brack

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The Nightmare I Can't Escape (3D CGI Animation)

My brain tries to convince itself I don't actually exist. Animated completely in Blender 2.8!

Production team
jaydotjayProducer, project's creator

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How many of y'all catch that end credits scene? 👀

BRUH i found Laddi, Infamous Swoosh, and TheAMaazing In the comments of this video! Now THIS is EPIC.
OK i went even deeper and i found LukeOrSomething. this is epic

Last edited by Squirrel Knight (aug. 4, 2019 (10:54pm)).

Your brain is creative while dreeming

Quality animation

Yooo that fucked me up on the real what a bad way to end a dream LOL. this video was wonders btw I love everything about it

This was AWESOMEEEE!!!

Bro this is both scary and epic as heeeeeelll

I rlly want to be a Lego dood now 😭😭 this is so good

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