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"Bash" Brickfilm Day: Round 1

Recently, Brickfilm Day announced a new contest with a mystery theme. Then, on the 19th, the announced the theme of the first round for the tournament. Was "Bash." and here I am now, with my entry to the contest!

Instagram: minideliciouspant

#minideliciouspant #brickfilmday #lego

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minideliciouspantProducer, project's creator

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Woah at first I thought he smashed himself into a bunch of pieces so I had to watch it again

I like the shockwave, made out of small bricks. :)

That was one great impact! 😁👍

Cool it was really smooth!!!

Great job dude! Smooth animations! Also, here's my entry to wave of brickfilms (Round 1):


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