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LEGO Western

A local town sheriff goes on a adventure to catch Jesse James. Special Thanks to Joseph Thoits for some help with a few sets.

Production team
BlackSmithFilms9522Producer, project's creator

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Incredible work. Love the sets and the animation of the horses, and how the lighting makes it feel like the air is warm

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I've been following this project for a while, and wow, it lived up to expectations! Wonderful job! Also i love how the horses gallop. Great technique.

Awesome job from start to finish. Had a great time watching :)

Very nicely made. The story, the lighting, the animation. This just shows you put effort into your brickfilms. 10/10

this is so good! I love the atmosphere of everything, it’s so charming. keep it up, man!

Beautiful work. I see why this took so long. The quality level of this is outstanding to the point it is easily comparable to The LEGO Movie CGI. Well done!

This is nothing short of amazing

Beautifully made! It's really great seeing such beautiful sets brought to life like this. Great film!


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