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Svenny's Grand Space Adventure

When given a mission, Svenny goes out on a wonderful adventure, and even learns a lesson.

Big thanks to lotsatoast for helping out with the video!

Music made by Wammy

Thank you so much for watching!

Production team
WammyProducer, project's creator

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Fantastic. I love the tone. MegRae and your's voice acting was on point as always and the animation was great.

That's truly great! Wonderful job!

Looking good, keep up the good work!

Very funny! I especially like the line: "Wow, that bush just saved my life"

Lol this is great man! The animation was beautiful! The voices were good and female voice actress good we don’t have to many of them! Anyways nice job 8/10

Great work as always! Music follows the action beautifully, all around a great adventure.


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