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Entrapped (BRAWL 2019)

Hi everyone! This is my entry to BRAWL 2019 over on bricksinmotion.com. It was a pleasure to take part in and I'm honored for this year to have been my first time.

EDIT: Unfortunately I was disqualified. Didn't have the mod element present in enough shots. Oh well, better luck next year I guess. The contest was still a blast!

I got the sound effects from this site:







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Brick Block AnimationsProducer, project's creator

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First off glad to see your still making videos your probably wondering who this is it's Chris from school I left a comment on your last video don't know if you got it but yeah I disappeared from Skype again and sorry for not messaging you sooner my life has been pretty busy with it being my last school year and all so if you messaged me that's why I couldn't answer because it keeps claiming im using the wrong password for some odd reason so I'm probably done with Skype at this point so maybe we can chat by phone so if you see this hit me up i miss talking to you man :(


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