BRAWL 2019: Animals vs. PETA 2 Ethical Boogaloo | Brick à Brack

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BRAWL 2019: Animals vs. PETA 2 Ethical Boogaloo

Made in under a week for BRAWL 2019.

Voice talent:
Layne the dog:
Squidtastic videos:

Music used:

Some stuff by Kevin MacLeod, IDK
This really cool cover:
And eye of the tiger, which YouTube will probably auto detect and you should see it down below.

Production team
AwesomepantsFilmsProducer, project's creator

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That fight scene with "Eye of the tiger" is amazing!
I told you already at the first part that I'm a bit unsure about PETA still and do not think they are entirely bad. Still, this is an amazing film!

Also, great how even the fish is fighting!

Well done and good luck with the contest

The spinning is perfect 😂😂

Layne is John Wick in dog form

"It's hell - it's plastic hell - and it's killing me on the inside."

AP you beautiful madlad.

The ending cracked me up
Totally forgot I voiced in this until I read the description.

You should invest in some bright led lights, I feel like it would improve your work allot, by reducing noise and light flicker


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