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Avalanche - BRAWL 2019

This video was made for BricksInMotion's BRAWL (Brickfilming Rapidly All Week Long) 2019. This year my entry is about an escaped convict who finds himself trapped in a peculiar cave. 

 - Dreaming in 432Hz
 - Serious
- The New Darker You 
All music used can be found in the Youtube Audio Library.

Production team
Goblin AnimationsProducer, project's creator

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Oh nicely done, man. Good luck with the contest!

This was really interesting, and the animation is amazing! Great job!

Great job on this one, Goblin. The run cycles, the clay, the way the cat bobs around at the beginning, all brilliant. There's a bit of issue with light flicker in some scenes, but every good piece of work has it's flaws. I really hope you do win!

Really cool! I especially liked the snow people.

Love the smooth transition from tense to goofy in this one. :)

Fantastic work! I love how you convey the unique rules of this world with simple visual beauty.

Excellent entry! There were so many little touches that I liked, I can't even name them all! (I saw what you did with the E becoming an F for the mod element) Good job! :)


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