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Into The Black Hole

Join us on this exciting adventure as planet LEGO sends an astronaut into a black hole. He finds a new friend and learns many things. When he tries to re-enter the LEGO planet he realizes that he is trapped in the world of humans!

This is an entry for the Bricks in Motion contest BRAWL (Brickfilming Rapidly All Week Long)
I hope you enjoy!


Albrecht Ihlenburg "Orchestral Music (rather calm)"

"Spaceship Fly-by, A" by InspectorJ ( of

Production team
PlasticPointProductionsProducer, project's creator

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The bit where he flew down from the light made me laugh so much hahaha

Seeing lego fits in the real world is always interesting, great job! The animation of him coming out of the power socket is especially inventive!
Also, this takes place a month ago? Lol.

“Double your speed, ok Sam?” What it feels to be in an animation contest. Haha! Great animation by the way! How did you get constant lighting in a open environment?

Wow this is incredible! Awesome job! Good luck!

Oh well done, man. good luck with the contest

Really cool imagination! I love how they chill out on the fan blade just for fun.

Wonderful job plastic point I thoroughly enjoyed it!


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