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Simulacrum | BRAWL 2019 Entry

An image or representation of someone or something.


This was a busy week. For my second BRAWL I wanted to get away from the more comedic tone of 'Flight Plan' and create a visual narrative.

I tried out a LOT of new techniques in this, new supports for masking and new lights. I had to cut a minute and a half out of the script, removing some odd visuals including a ferryman and a metronome. Overall, I would say the hardest part was editing together the final film while Premiere Pro continued to crash, recover files, and then crash those recovered files.

As I said, busy week. I hope you enjoy.


Foley - MrGasMaskMan
Sound Effects-


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Thanks for reading this far!

Production team
Formal LensProducer, project's creator

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Awesome job, man. Keep up the good work and good luck with the contest!

Wow incredibly tense film! It has a real SCP vibe.

Loving the cinematography a lot and I agree with an SCP vibe, but also a little Annihilation! Great job!!!

Nice job! Kinda reminds of the Doctor Who episode 'Midnight' in terms of concept.

Lighting here is great, what an intriguing concept!

This was really cool. A great sense of atmosphere and an engaging story!

So will you go back to making Doctor who?


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