Lego-Comedy: "Internet-Research" / The blocky Guide to Parenting | Brick à Brack

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Lego-Comedy: "Internet-Research" / The blocky Guide to Parenting

How deep is the web? Dig the hole with Daddy & Son checking stuff for german lesson.

this is the english version of "Recherche - Der kleine eckige Erziehungsratgeber".

watch the german version here:

here is a little making of:

Have fun and #maketheinternetgreatagain

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golego animationProducer, project's creator

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FANTASTIC translation and voice actors!! Brilliant job! 💖 GoLego!

Love this so much!! Congrats again on your well deserved win. Also kudos to the Silver's for the amazing voice acting, as always!! ✿(◠‿◠)✿

Awesome job, man. Keep up the good work!



nicht schlimm... würd' ich auch machen.

PS: toller Film!

Great job and very funny! Thanks for making an English version of this!

I wish I could make videos like you.


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