The Undead Bricks Episode 2 - Leftover [LEGO] | Brick à Brack

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The Undead Bricks Episode 2 - Leftover [LEGO]

Kenny has revealed to Travis that he owns an RV. Searching for it, they find themselves into trouble. Will they avoid it? Or will they deal with it?

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Figures-In-MotionProducer, project's creator

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This was a great episode! Can't wait for ep3

Good work, can’t wait for the next episode 💪🏻

Nice 👌 great effects can't wait for part 3

I can see huge process in your work, very well done on the episode!

Love the series keep it up

What frame rate is this? Great sets and sweet voice acting. Also really loved the trees whizzing past in the background!

This could be a zombie Lego show in the making


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